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Rollie Grandbois // "Stories & Dreams: Seeds of the Future"

Stone // 115 x 44 x 31 Inches


Frequently reinstalled exhibits that feature a wide range of artworks in various configurations, reflecting the countless ways to alter the impact a piece can have on the viewer when interacting with the environment around it, and how the message of a piece can resonate differently within the viewer through these alterations.

Featured Artists
An internationally known artist who received her MFA at NYSCC at Alfred University, New York with post graduate degrees from Gerrit Rietfield Academy of Art and Design, Amsterdam, The Netherlands and University of Art and Design, Halle, Germany. She feels her life and art operate as one, with each being the inspiration for the other, with the ultimate goal of her art is that it becomes a work of many disciplines (Gesamtkunstwerk).

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His earliest sculptures were 3D realizations of his fairly detailed drawings. This approach led to developing a personal language and evolved into a more direct process where he entered into a dialogue with the stone with no preconceived direction, only to speak this language through this rock.

This method is most akin to “play-free-spirited exploring” form, wherever it leads; like a child digging tunnels or building castles in the sand.

Beauty matters with its classical elements that become significant components of this language – line, curve, edge, proportion, negative space, texture - How they come to be in a new unique combination that is, as he states, “my fun, my job, and my joy” – and on a good day, that joy is shared.

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Featured Photographer :
James Andrew McConnell

Jim recalls backpacking as a child with family friend Ansel Adams and watching him work... "Frame and light, Jim, frame and light." When Jim was six, the family moved to Chicago's South Side, where his father resumed his academic career.

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A sculptor for over thirty years, Ellie Dolgin creates figurative bronze pieces that dazzle and fascinate.  Whether realistic or stylized, her work goes right to the core of universal emotions, evoking joy, sadness, wonder, hope and intimacy—always in relationship with a lover, sister or to the subject herself. When Oprah Winfrey saw two of Ellie’s pieces in a gallery in Chicago, she bought both of them for her private collection.

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