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William Allen
Maple City, Michigan

Raised in South Bend, Indiana he began his studies in college in Biology. What began as a night class in welding, twenty years ago, however started a lifelong passion. Having a particular fondness for nature, animals have been the focus of his art, working more recently with the human figure. The sculptures are welded steel constructions; He begins by forming an intricate wire structure reminiscent of a three-dimensional line drawing. Attaching sheet steel of various shapes and textures to this surface which develop a "skin" over the wire form. He exposes and enhances the surface texture and much of the interior space by keeping the structure open to the play of light. As the light changes, new forms and textures emerge, creating a constantly fresh, new piece. The sculptures are galvanized and copper coated for outdoor durability and patina. He has been commissioned to create life-sized sculptures for the Brookfield Zoo, Detroit Zoo, Field Museum of Natural History and Busch Gardens. He currently studies regularly at the Art Students League in New York.