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Duane Dammeyer, "Angulation"
Marble // 15 x 5.5 x 8.5 Inches 

The Gallery officially opened in 1975, a year which also marked
the First Annual Outdoor Sculpture Show. It is the oldest gallery in
the Santa Fe area under the same ownership.  With its large wooden
beam construction and brick floors, visitors are invited to browse
among the largest selection of contemporary sculpture to be found
in the Southwest.  The variety of styles is unequaled, encompassing
abstract,non-objective, realism, functional, kinetic, found object and
fountains.Its warm and friendly atmosphere encourages guests to relax,
ask questions and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.  Works in bronze,
stainless steel, copper, iron, and mixed media representing over 100
local and nationally known artists, are available for purchase and
priced for every budget.
Jeffrey M. Johnson // " Primal Heart "
Bronze // 75" x 52" x 29"
Featured Shidoni Collection
Matthew M Ward "Doors"
Matthew M Ward "Doors"
Ede Ericson Cardell "Fin"
Ede Ericson Cardell "Fin"
Gareth Andrews "Anthem"
Gareth Andrews "Anthem"
Bill Weaver "Eclipse"
Bill Weaver "Eclipse"
R.C. Gorman "Code Taker AP"
Alan Stirt "Too Many Triangles"
Joe Barrington "Sunflowers"
Peter Dickson "Io"
Peter Dickson "Equus"
Una Hanbury "Somewhere a Bird is Singing"
James Andrew McConnell "Catty Wompuss, Companion"

Tommy C. Hicks Jr. standing
inside "Strange Trio" a steel
sculpture he created of
monumental scale.

Maquette Available:

Tommy C. Hicks Jr.
"Strange Trio"
22 x 21 x 17 inches